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Automated pharmacy lockers for dispensing prescriptions

Speed and efficiency are increasingly becoming the norm in daily, which means that 24/7 availability has become the standard in our society. This means that customers increasingly want to pick up their prescription or medication when it suits them, whether this is at night, in the daytime, in the weekend, or late in the evening. Our unique solution for pharmacy locker systems allows for 24/7 dispensing of prescriptions, which means customers can pick up their prescription whenever they want, giving you more time for personal contact at the counter. Extra service, lower costs.

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Extra service

  • 24/7 availability for pick-up
  • No waiting times at the counter
  • The system prevents errors

Complete control

  • Innovative cloud software
  • Using the Keynius app
  • Automatic status updates


  • GDPR compliant systeem
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Privacy and security by design

Functions and possibilities

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24/7 collection service

With a pharmacy locking system, your customers can pick up prescriptions whenever they like.

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Link to any system

Keynius can in addition to Receptlocatie be linked to any other pharmacy information system. Essential for being able to use customer data and patient files.

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Payment options

Keynius can be integrated into a payment platform. This allows customers to pay beforehand or pay for the prescription via a payment terminal at the lockers.

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Improve service

With a fully automated pharmacy locking system, which allows customers to collect their prescriptions 24/7, you significantly improve service compared to your competitors.

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Automatic notifications

The system will automatically send a notification to the customer when the prescription is ready. This is done via email and/or SMS. The pharmacist will also receive a notification when the prescription has been collected.

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The most common track & trace system, Receptlocatie, can easily be integrated and linked to the Keynius platform.

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Insight into current status

Via the locker management system Keynius, administrators always have an up-to-date (and historical) overview of the status of the prescriptions to be collected.

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Prevent errors

Our software has been developed and secured to the smallest details. The entire process, from scanning a prescription to collection by the customer is set up in such a way that no errors can take place.

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Shorter waiting times

Customers can collect their prescription from the locker without assistance from an employee, which will shorten waiting times at the counter.

Locker management software

What is the Keynius system?

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Keynius is the innovative software with plug & play hardware for the management and use of lockers (locker management software). Keynius is a cloud application, meaning that in addition to the optimal security of our environment, you no longer have to worry about installation, management, and updates. Due to Keynius being a cloud application, administration and locker usage only require a computer or smartphone with an internet connection. The administration for rent and deposit is also handled easily and intuitively via Keynius.

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