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The Keynius software

The Keynius software is an innovative cloud solution that is highly reliable, secure and customizable. A solution that is truly plug & play and easy to manage and use. A solution that unlocks a thousand possibilities to make use of a locker wall for storage, product rental, vending and dispense and many more. Making a locker wall smart also includes that it should be fully automated, can be used from multiple platforms and provides us with valuable data insight.

What kind of software we have?

Keynius App

Smartphones offer a lot of functionality to their users, and it is a no-brainer that smartphones should also help us to make use of our lockers. Keynius provides a user-friendly smartphone app, downloadable on the App Store and Play Store. The Keynius App was not just made for users, but also for administrators, offering extra functionalities to manage a locker wall.

Keynius Smarty

Having a terminal with touchscreen on a locker wall provides locker users with an easy and fast way to operate their lockers on the spot. The Keynius Smarty is user-friendly, highly customizable and, last but not least, looks great on your locker wall. Like the smartphone App, the Smarty offers extra functionalities to administrators for managing lockers.

Keynius Portal

Being able to customize a solution to your specific needs and requirements is important. The Keynius Portal provides you with all the tools to configure the whole solution as you see fit. Furthermore the Portal is the ‘home’ for administrators, containing the most extended functionalities. The Portal additionally keeps track of important data - both historical as well as real-time - that can be used for data insight about the operation of lockers.

Keynius Online

Keynius Online is the perfect and innovative solution for processing one-time and/or large numbers locker users at once. Use the Keynius Portal to quickly set up your own dedicated, user friendly locker website with your own logo, prices and business rules. Users just need to scan the QR-code and they are ready to pay for and start using their locker.

3rd party software integration

Keynius supports many API's to integrate with your existing software systems. Topdesk, iProtect (keyprocessor), Siemens Siport, AEOS, Azure Active Directory, Paxton, Loxis and Receptlocatie. We also offer tailored integrations.

Our handy app puts every locker in the palm of your hand! Download it in the stores.

  • Keynius locker solutions
  • Keynius locker solutions

Would you like to see Keynius at work?

Easy, intuitive, simple, handy… with so many nice words, you’d like to see for yourself whether this is all true, right? Great, you’re very welcome to try a live or online demo!

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