Drop off & pick up.

Our locking solution for drop off & pick up is perfect for distributing – receiving, sending, returning, collection – of packages and other goods. Via this locking system, users and administrators can ‘pass on’ goods and items in a simple and secure manner without deploying people for execution or supervision.

Functionalities and possibilities

Smartphone app

With the Keynius smartphone app (Android and IOS), users can perform all the most common actions, such as reserve, claim, open, pay for and close a locker.


By automating sending, retrieving and returning packages and goods, you can offer extra services to customers, visitors, passers-by etc. Huge convenience, no bother!

Intelligent communication

As soon as a sender for example places a package in a locker, the receiver will automatically be notified of this. As a result, everyone in the process knows exactly whether and where a package is ready for collection.

Cooled or heated

The unique drop off & pick up system can also be used for distributing fresh products such as groceries, food, and flowers: you can also have the lockers equipped with cooling or heating. Or even use outdoor lockers!


Our locking software allows you to use the locker authentication that best fits your situation. For example via a pass or tag, combination lock, fingerprint, pin code, RFID, QR or barcode, bluetooth (BLE), or most conveniently via the smartphone app.

Eliminate reception tasks

Users can send, receive and return packages and products in a secure and user-friendly manner without requiring a person to supervise, execute, or monitor this process.

Link your system (API)

With the aid of the many available APIs, you can easily link your own (user) management system – Microsoft Active Directory, Exact, ServiceNow, Recept Locatie etc. – with our innovative cloud software. For locker management, you can also easily use your own data from your HR or access control system

Sign in securely


Your lockers can be operated in various ways, with different registration options, via the terminal or the Keynius app. Depending on your requirements and situation, you can make the best choice – or combination – for the way in which users identify themselves and use their locker.

Discover Keynius the most advanced locker management system with unique features and possibilites in creating smart lockers.



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