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Smart Battery Lock LEO

With the new range of battery-operated locks, Keynius provide simple installation for new or retrofit projects.

A high security keyless locking solution for lockers and cabinets using either Keypad or RFID functionality.

The locks are surface mounted and supports companies with easy of use, secure locking solutions by eliminating key management problems and enhancing overall user experience.

Keynius battery lock LEO RFID & PIN Code features

Capacitive touch (user friendly)

The Keynius Battery Lock features a capacitive touch interface, ensuring user-friendliness at its core. This intuitive design allows for easy interaction, making the locking and unlocking process as smooth as a gentle tap. Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or prefer straightforward simplicity, this feature guarantees an effortless experience every time.

Robust construction (brushed steel)

Durability is paramount, and the Keynius Battery Lock delivers with its robust construction of brushed steel. This sturdy build ensures long-term resilience against wear and tear, offering reliability you can trust. The brushed steel finish not only adds to its strength but also provides a stylish, professional look that stands the test of time.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection

Connectivity is a breeze with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. This advanced feature ensures a reliable and energy-efficient connection between your lock and mobile device. BLE technology not only offers quick and secure access but also optimizes battery life, keeping you connected without frequent recharges.

Easy to mount

Installation is hassle-free with the Keynius Battery Lock. Its design is engineered for easy mounting, allowing for quick setup without the need for complex tools or technical expertise. Whether you’re retrofitting existing lockers or installing new ones, this lock ensures a smooth and straightforward installation process.

Slim design

Elegance is redefined with the slim design of the Keynius Battery Lock. Its sleek structure not only complements modern aesthetics but also ensures functionality without compromising space. The unobtrusive, minimalist design integrates seamlessly into various environments, from sleek office spaces to contemporary retail settings.

Manage and use with Keynius mobile app

Harness the power of technology with the Keynius mobile app. This app turns your smartphone into a control center for your lock, allowing you to manage and use it with unparalleled convenience. From remote access to real-time monitoring, the Keynius app puts full locker control in the palm of your hand.

Battery life up to 5 years

Say goodbye to constant battery replacements. The Keynius Battery Lock boasts an impressive battery life of up to 5 years, ensuring uninterrupted service and peace of mind. This extended lifespan minimizes maintenance and lets you focus on what matters most, without worrying about power issues.

Cloud controlled

Embrace the future with cloud-controlled capabilities. The Keynius Battery Lock is managed via a cloud-based system, offering advanced remote management features. This cloud control allows for greater flexibility, scalability, and real-time oversight, ensuring that you’re always in command, no matter where you are.

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Product Description

The Keynius locks are stylish, easy to (retro)fit and competitively priced to offer great value for money.

Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) in combination with a smartphone or tablet connected to the Keynius cloud, all locks can be set, assigned and operated.

Claiming and operating the locks is easy, making it perfect for flexible use occasions such as events and festivals.

As administrator locks can be individually assigned, but also per lockerwall or complete group. The Keynius Admin app gives full control and reporting options, with minimal effort.

Reduction in facilities management cost, greater efficiency and control of storage units lies ahead with the Keynius battery lock LEO!



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