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Visitors of theater PAARD can easily and quickly rent a locker by scanning one of the qr-codes hanging in the cloakroom with their mobile phone. In this way, personal belongings are safely stored and visitors do not have to queue. The QR code leads to a website that is designed in the house style of PAARD, making it instantly recognizable for visitors. After booking, a link is sent by e-mail with which they can easily use their locker. Of course it is also possible to use one of the touchscreens to reserve a locker. This way, visitors can also rent a locker without using their mobile phone.

Who are we?

Developing smart high-tech locker software solutions is Keynius’ mission. With our experience and knowledge in the locker industry, we have developed a unique vision for the use of lockers. Supported by our own software development team, we have succeeded in converting our vision into unique, flexible and innovative locker software. Together with the self-developed locks, Smarty terminal and connectivity ware, this results in the Keynius solution, with which we conquer the world together with our team.

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What do we have to offer?

Saying ‘yes’ to Keynius means saying ‘yes’ to a young and enthusiastic team of approximately 35 colleagues who are all eager to work towards our boundless ambitions. Together we work very hard on our goals, but not without making the journey as enjoyable as possible. You can tell by the well-stocked daily fridge (and the delicious coffee!), the game of table football or darts during the breaks, or the pleasant chat-with-drinks at the end of the day for everyone who feels like it.



Are you curious as to which locking solution is best for you?

Are you interested in one of the locking solutions or would you like more information about the possibilities for your company? We’d be happy to welcome you to our showroom for a pleasant initial meeting, free of obligation.

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