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  • Keynius and GoBright enter into a partnership

Keynius and GoBright enter into a partnership

Effective: 18/04/2024

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Keynius and GoBright: the key to an even smarter workplace


Nowadays, working in a hybrid model is central in many offices. This requires a different approach to optimizing office occupancy and promoting the satisfaction of both employees and visitors. Office owners and business managers want their expensive space to be utilized optimally and cost-effectively, while employees and visitors strive for a fast, secure, and user-friendly office experience.


Whether it’s reserving a parking spot, arranging a temporary workspace for a freelancer, booking a meeting room, issuing a laptop by the IT department, providing a temporary locker for a visitor, dispensing goods or parcels, or implementing a shared locker for the sales team; smart office solutions have never been more desired.


Keynius an GoBright both realize such smart solutions and have decided to join forces through a partnership. Together, we offer an integrated system that provides employees and visitors with a seamless user experience, resulting in increased productivity and satisfaction.

About GoBright

GoBright is specialised in Smart Workplace Solutions that support hybrid working and other modern ways of working. With the GoBright software, employees can manage their own working day down to the last detail. Besides offering autonomy towards employees in managing their workday, the GoBright solutions also provide important insights regarding the office’s occupancy. This information can be used to make strategic decisions regarding office space utilisation.


The GoBright Platform offers smart software solutions for Room Booking, Desk Booking, Visitor Management, Digital Signage, and Parking Space Booking that are collaborative and scalable. Find an available room, workstation, parking space, or locker via the Online Portal, Mobile App, Mapping, or one of our integrations and book it in seconds to be assured of a workplace that fits your needs. Let your colleagues know where you work every day with the Week Planner and find your way through the building with Wayfinding and Mapping.


GoBright aims to transform and innovate your office into a smart environment, and to make office life a better experience for all. Shape the human office with GoBright.

About Keynius

With decades of experience in the locker market, Keynius’ owners decided to develop smart locker solutions based on principles of privacy by design, configurable to meet all industries demands, yet easy to install, manage and use. All our hardware and software is developed in house, meaning we can continuously innovate and upgrade our solutions. Besides wired locking solutions we also offer battery operated smart Pin code and RFID locks, manageable via Bluetooth Low Energy.


Our latest addition, plug&play smart lockers for offices, meets the current (hybrid) way of working. With our smart locker system, office employees and customers are provided with a user-friendly and secure location to store or collect personal belongings. Smart lockers that are really fun in use, for example online or via our app, and help office staff and customers make their day easier.

Keynius aims to be the global leader in offering smart locker solutions for every industry. Would you like to experience for yourself how we have reinvented smart locking?

Let’s set up a meeting to drink a virtual cup of office coffee and discuss the possibilities.



Are you curious as to which locking solution is best for you?

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