Keynius and GoBright enter into a partnership

Keynius and GoBright: the key to an even smarter workplace


Nowadays, working in a hybrid model is central in many offices. This requires a different approach to optimizing office occupancy and promoting the satisfaction of both employees and visitors. Office owners and business managers want their expensive space to be utilized optimally and cost-effectively, while employees and visitors strive for a fast, secure, and user-friendly office experience.


Whether it’s reserving a parking spot, arranging a temporary workspace for a freelancer, booking a meeting room, issuing a laptop by the IT department, providing a temporary locker for a visitor, dispensing goods or parcels, or implementing a shared locker for the sales team; smart office solutions have never been more desired.


Keynius an GoBright both realize such smart solutions and have decided to join forces through a partnership. Together, we offer an integrated system that provides employees and visitors with a seamless user experience, resulting in increased productivity and satisfaction.



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