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  • Improving the guest experience at citizenM

Electronic luggage lockers that improve the guest experience at citizenM

Most hotels offer guests the opportunity to store their luggage after check-out, so they can explore for another day. CitizenM, a large hotel chain with hotels worldwide, also provides this service. However, they go a step further.

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For their hotel in Copenhagen, we installed an electronic locker wall with 54 lockers.


The lockers vary in size, and the user can choose the locker size needed for their amount of luggage. This is easily done via a terminal or web app, and if desired, the locker can be opened and closed throughout the day. The locker is only released for the next user upon final departure.


Benefits for Users


Guests no longer need to wait for someone at the reception to store or retrieve their luggage later in the day. You have 24/7 access to your belongings. Usage is simple through the terminal or webapp.


Another major advantage is security. Only the user has access to their luggage. Luggage is no longer mistakenly given to the wrong person.


Benefits for Hotels, Airports, etc.


For hospitality businesses and transport companies, there are many advantages to electronic luggage lockers. The smart locker wall is a compact solution that requires little space. Additionally, it saves on staffing costs.


You can offer guests a quick and reliable service, contributing to higher customer satisfaction. Our locker system is also adaptable to various locations such as airports, train stations, hotels, shopping centers, etc.


Last but not least, you always have insights into when and how often lockers are used, which helps in optimizing the service.


Customer Feedback (Andy May, Hospitality Development & Design)
Redesign the everyday: We recently launched our very first self service luggage room citizenM hotels in Copenhagen. The goal was to create a seamless experience for our guests looking to store their luggage for the day before heading to the airport or before exploring the city before check-in all controlled from their personal device. This was the first POC which has already received positive feedback from both guests and team and I’m happy to share that there will be more to come with improved iterations.

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