For the three Campus Cadix locations in Antwerp, we had the privilege of supplying lockers. These sites were part of a significant restoration and new construction project, architecturally designed by Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architects and executed by Strabag.

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Our contribution included approximately 2000 electronic lockers equipped with the Keynius Smartlock system. These lockers, accessible via student ID or access badges, provide students a secure space to store their personal belongings and school supplies.
The stylish metal lockers, crafted in specific NSC colors, enhance both the security and comfort of the students. Additionally, these lockers can be easily managed through an app or online portal, simplifying administrative tasks.

Customized Locker Enclosures

To ensure that the lockers blend seamlessly with the interior of Campus Cadix, each locker wall was encased in custom-made Birch Plywood enclosures. This integration allows the lockers to harmoniously complement the overall interior design of the campus.
If you’re interested in a similar solution for your educational institution, we are more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you! Learn more about our electronic locker systems and how they can benefit educational environments:

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