24/7 Medication Pickup

At Apotheek Dronryp, we've installed an electronic locker cabinet with 41 doors. This locker, entirely made of wood and laminated with High Pressure Laminate (HPL), ensures a durable and scratch-resistant finish. Designed specifically for medication dispensing, it integrates with the AIS Pharmacom system. When a prescription is generated, it prints a barcode, which is scanned by the pharmacy staff to select either a small or large locker, based on the prescription size.

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The Keynius system automatically retrieves customer email information from AIS Pharmacom, sending an email with a notification and QR code when the medication is ready.

Customers can collect their medication from the locker at any time, 24/7. The locker is located in a vestibule acting as an airlock between two access doors. The rear door of the vestibule is securely locked outside business hours.

To access the locker, customers scan the QR code received via email outside the vestibule. This opens the front door of the airlock, followed by another scan inside to access the correct locker.

Integration of Keynius and AIS Pharmacom

The integration of AIS Pharmacom and the Keynius system streamlines the process and ensures accurate medication dispensing. As providers of this innovative locker solution, we are proud of our contribution to enhancing medication dispensing processes and ensuring customer safety.

A state-of-the-art medication locker with an integrated AIS Pharmacom system, showcasing various sized lockers for different prescription sizes at Apotheek Dronryp.

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